At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we offer professional evaluation for various software criteria and parameters. Relying on the client’s requirements our team comes up with different approaches to our services. Through Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method (ATAM) we access software architecture and its impact on business goals.

License Verification

At Alpharive we offer software audit services to know whether the licenses that are being used are valid or it needs to be renewed. We also help the client with any alterations in license terms that go unnoticed.

Quality Assurance

At Alpharive we also help to regulate the software that is been used for a particular purpose is not the best quality we come up with backup suggestions that make it improvised.


At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we help companies that require software compliance for various industry standards. Apart from that, we identify the clients to access where to stand to increase compliance.

Legal Issues

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we keep posted with our clients about any potential legal issues or troubles that might arise from the present practices concerning any software in use.

Alpharive offers a full range of web application development services. To be more specific, we start with analyzing and validating a business idea and maintain the solution delivered after its successful launch.

After carefully examining the discovery stage and understanding the project we at Alpharive design attractive and trendy designs that will navigate your targeted audience towards you. We provide a variety of reliable and efficient databases as a part of large-scale projects. We listen to all your ideas to develop a dynamic website that will help your business succeed

Our development stage will be based on the design that will help us to develop and deliver an attractive website, mobile applications, and NFT marketplace to escalate your business. Our developers have immense experience when it comes to development and larger technical decisions. We help your build customized applications that highlight your business.

We run multiple tests at every layer of the development and make sure that there are no bugs involved when the project is ready to be launched.

We will support you through the entire process after the launch of the project and rectify if any errors occur later on after the release of the project.

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