• Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd offers Fintech or Financial technology that has the potential to monetize from data.
  • We offer comprehensive financial software services to develop customer-oriented services in various industry sectors.
  • Our professionals tackle from idea to POC to deployment to all-inclusive support to deliver a complete end-to-end experience that incorporates customer experience, service management, and strategy.


  • At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we are experts across a diversified set of Regulatory submissions and provide cost-effective support and maintenance of Regulatory software.
  • Alpharive offers services for Regulatory software development and Regulatory IT consulting.
  • We provide tools needed to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, facilitate governance and deliver regulatory reporting.

Supply chain management

  • At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we boost persistence and agility with our supply chain management services.
  • With our Supply Chain Management services, we grasp the entire production flow of service starting from raw components to final product delivery.
  • We create a network of suppliers to move the products of the organization to deal with the users directly.


  • Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd helps banks to challenge their conventions, and capitalize to their complete potential of technology.
  • Banking is not only about the digital transformation with the crucial information dropping out we help banks to sustain relevance and understand the market and how to be ahead always.


  • At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we help our clients meet crucial expectations and see that every person can access the healthcare system.
  • We help build interconnect digital healthcare provisions that extend from clinical decision support to patient management and practice experience.
Connecting the Digital Dots for Insurance












Vertical Solutions Delivery for Insurance
Sales & Marketing Automation

Alpharive services include customization,implementation, and integration of CRM platforms for the insurance industry.

Legacy Systems Upgrade

Transition from out-of-date solutions to platforms running on modern technologies to improve the bottom line of the business.

Business Processes Optimization

ERP and BPM software developed and customized by Alpharive Tech ensures effective and uninterrupted operations of insurance business.

Document Management

Implementation of document management systems for insurance workflows & operations, including scanning, e-signing, approvals, storage, and retrieval.

Custom Integrations

With more data becoming available from various data providers, Alpharive Tech helps insurers integrate their platforms with multiple data sources via APIs.

Mobile Applications

We help you to define the mobile strategy, deliver best-in-class digital services to customers, and empower field workers with mobile solutions.

Pioneering Insurance with Emerging Tech


A distributed ledger can take Counter-fraud to a whole new level and power the cases of data and monetary interchange

Machine Learning and AI

The intelligents analytics solutions powered by ML and AI enable insurers to generate and act upon meaningfulrisk insights.

IoT and Telematics

Internet of Things and ubiquitous connectivity facilitate the pre-emption of claim events and ensure timely damage limitation.

Chatbots and Robo-Advisors

Chatbots and guided conversations can provide insurance knowledge and advice to policyholders anytime, anywhere.

Big Data

Bigdata in combination with smart data strategies allows insurances to make decisions based on models and evidence.


Mobile solutions enhance the productivity of remote insurance agents and offer a unique user experience for the insured

10+ Years in Insurance Software

Alpharive Tech has been an active player in the insurance software development market since 2008, building custom solutions for the industry innovators.

As a trusted developer of tailored solutions, we assist insurance companies with both upgrade of legacy insurance software systems and development of custom platforms and applications to address technology-driven changes in the marketplace.

  • Deep Industry Knowledge
  • 3-day Proof of Concept
  • Agile Methodology
  • 1 Week to Ramp Up a Team
  • Cross-Platform Coverage
What Our Clients Say
1How to choose a reliable web application development company?
Experience: We have exceptional experience in working on our client's projects. We promptly resolve all the errors and make a quick decision.
Transparency: We are completely transparent, open, and honest with the projects we deal with our clients. We meet your needs by providing customized services.
Comprehensive service: We aim to care for all your needs, with our developers, testing, and digital marketing team.
Portfolio: We have worked with the best clients in our past projects. Which gave us the opportunity to explore more areas.
2How much does it cost to create a custom web application?

The average cost for creating a custom web application will start as low as $5000 for a simple web app and up to $500,000. We offer our best prices to clients to build their web applications.

3 How long does it take to create a web application?

On average it takes around 2 or 3 months to complete a smaller version of a project and mid-sized projects can take up to 3 or more months while big projects take more than 4 months to complete.

4What is the difference between web application development and website development?
Web application development: The web application that we develop is an interactive page and allows users to add or manipulate data. We follow best security practices.
Eg: Facebook, Amazon
Website development: The website is solely developed for display. The users can only see the information from the website.
Eg: Aktu, Breaking news

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