We have the experience to build dynamic web architecture and development framework applications. Our tech buff team has an in-depth background in building solutions of all architecture types suitable exactly for your businesses to expand and evolve.We custom web applications and build high-performance, intuitive, secure, and best-in-class web applications.

UI/UX Design Services

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd our creative UI/UX will design your service that boosts the engagement in mobile apps and also build the trust of consumers. Our development and design team constantly keeps them updated by following the UI/UX guidelines of Apple and Google.

Custom Web Applications Development

At Alpahrive our team will build custom web solutions based precisely on the business requirements. Our experiences are based on a strategy that has been already proven and fulfills all the expectations.

Cross-Platform App Development Services

At Alpharive we develop services for Cross-platform mob app development and offer customized, high-quality and user-friendly. The user experience will be flawless and runs throughout all devices and operating systems.

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd our team helps to build dynamic web architecture and development framework applications. We have an extensive background knowledge to build solutions for all architecture types acceptable for your business to develop and progress We custom web applications and build high-performance, intuitive, secure, and best-in-class web applications.

API Development and Integration

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we develop API (Application Programming Interface) that permits application integration as well as customization of existing products to intensify your services and make the client stand apart from others. We help you collaborate with other software products and integrate a new desktop software.

Desktop Application Modernization

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we help our clients with outdated legacy applications. Our dedicated team will keep the updated desktop applications for the business by removing the old ones.

Research and Development

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd our IT specialists and developers will assist to find the correct solution through product research. Our team will be in your reach right from software architecture or creating any middleware to run in your systems without any errors.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Development

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we build an effective universal app that is compatible with all Windows 10 devices including Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, and HoloLends. Our team will make it very user-friendly for desktop apps accessible to multiple users.

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we offer mob app development to tailor our client’s business needs. We look into enterprise mobile apps and test customer-facing. We double-check for its alignment with cross-device usability, network connectivity, load, and stress resilience.

IOS Application Development:

Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd helps you build high-performance native apps for iOS devices and makes you meet the latest quality standards. Our passionate team will adopt best practices to create very secure, stable applications whose resources can be used efficiently for a wide range of apple devices.

Android Application development

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we cautiously select the technology to make sure real-time market and excellent performance are predominant on all software versions used. Our team members make this happen because of extensive research which results in a unique set of functionalities. Alpharive being experienced we build designs, launch, and maintain customized mobile apps. We strengthen businesses with effective customer interaction, create brand awareness and stand apart from the crowd.

Cross-platform application development

Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd team uses modern solutions to mob apps that run on multiple applications. Apart from that Alpharive team also synchronously tailor the product that meets the requirements of every operating system. Subsequently, the result will be delivered to get a stable application that displays identical UX across all devices.

Progressive web application development:

Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd can take hold of the best website and an app that offers and associate it with PWA. Our passionate team focuses on loading speed, holding on to the web app’s size to a minimum, and proper usage of the device’s functionality. Collectively these make secure, lightweight solutions that can increase conversations to cut back on the cost of development.

We handle every cloud deployment public, private, or hybrid. We can spot potential weaknesses and bottlenecks, root out detected deficiencies, and recommend improvements. Authorize end-to-end automation for data migration and batch process on the cloud platform.

Cloud Architecture and Design

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd our team provides services to design Cloud Architecture that constitutes databases, and software applications to enforce the power of the cloud.

CI/CD Pipeline

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we integrate code for Implementing Continuous Integration into a shared repository.

Security Management and Monitoring

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd we offer critical services to safeguard against cyber threats with cloud security management and monitoring services.

Cloud Consulting

At Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd our team provides strategic consulting services to avail the most of the Cloud including managed security, Cloud Migration, and Cloud Strategy.

Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd will deliver the best technology and management, we build global-class solutions that keep you ahead of the competition. Our strategies and tactical ideas will bring value and customers will embrace the difference.

Alpharive offers a full range of web application development services. To be more specific, we start with analyzing and validating a business idea and maintain the solution delivered after its successful launch.

After carefully examining the discovery stage and understanding the project we at Alpharive design attractive and trendy designs that will navigate your targeted audience towards you. We provide a variety of reliable and efficient databases as a part of large-scale projects. We listen to all your ideas to develop a dynamic website that will help your business succeed

Our development stage will be based on the design that will help us to develop and deliver an attractive website, mobile applications, and NFT marketplace to escalate your business. Our developers have immense experience when it comes to development and larger technical decisions. We help your build customized applications that highlight your business.

We run multiple tests at every layer of the development and make sure that there are no bugs involved when the project is ready to be launched.

We will support you through the entire process after the launch of the project and rectify if any errors occur later on after the release of the project.

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