Businesses of any size ranging from startups to big companies will derive multiple benefits from web application development services provided by Syndicode. Organizations will get a unique, high-performing software solution that will perfectly suit any specific business needs and requirements.

By offering custom web application development services to startups, we help them break into a market with a revolutionary product and save money on web development. We build scalable MVPs to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to test the feasibility of their business idea and turn it into a successful and profitable software product. Also, partnership with Alpharive, allows startups to get the expertise we use for large projects. It means that their web app development project will be well-planned, stable, and delivered on time and within budget from the very beginning.

Small & Medium

Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd provides services to all businesses dealing with web, and mobile application development regardless of the company size. For example, we develop projects like hospital services to manage patient data records as well as doctor medical records for the patient. With the improved technology, we are highly efficient and credible. We help small business to build their dream project successfully and execute well from the beginning. Partnering with Alphapharive will help you expertise with other large businesses.

Large businesses

Alpharive not only deals with startups or small-scale businesses, we provide services even to large-scale businesses. We help large businesses develop an application that is easy for business owners to track all communications with their leads and clients. For example, customer relationship management is a resource that contains all the details about the client and information shared with other organizations. We help them save multiple spreadsheets for storing the information so that their process is smooth and easy to work with.


Web-based applications architecture operation comprises evaluating the actual and projected speeds of an app, possible optimization, and productivity tracking, which contains a row of indicators. It allows determining optimization success or failure and instruments for assessing those metrics, which we will discuss in this part.


Test even the most complex ideas, involving emerging technologies – like blockchain – with the help of our expert R&D team. We’ll help you with predictions, roadmapping and post-PoC Development analysis, to identify the best-fit solution with minimal financial risk.

Open-closed principle

In a nutshell, the Open-Closed Principle (OCP) in web application architecture design defines that a functionality part can be extended yet can't be modified, implying integrating enhancements but not editing it. Thus, a process, service, or microservices that are the most corresponding to your web architecture are saved.

Scalability and flexibility

The entire system's scalability and flexibility vary due to the architecture of a web application’s potential for scaling caused by the growth of the workload. Yet, the vital aspect in this issue is determining the most suitable option of the entire architecture. This point should be considered during the design stage of web app development.

Easily Testable

Checking the system architecture web application code architecture is a vital part of quality assurance when it comes to the development flow. This phase of manual code review or by the special automated tool is significant, and the testers should complete reviewing the script fast to minimize the time to market.


The significance of reusability for website development architecture lies in the fact that such solutions are moving forward with leaps and bounds and are regularly modified. Code reusability implies using the readymade code to create the new web solution on the basis of this sample web application architecture.

Well-structured and readable code

An excellent web architecture design meets two following requirements. Obviously, the operation correctness is prioritized: the performance outcome should meet the expectations. What’s more, the code should be readable for the other teammates.

Mobile First

We adopt the mobile-first approach to offer a growing number of mobile users a better experience. We optimize web solutions for any mobile devices, be it a smartphone, iPad, or tablet, to comply with the latest mobile-first recommendations by Google.


We apply the highest security standards to protect our web products from security risks outlined in OWASP Top 10, a standard awareness document on the security of web apps. They are broken access control, cryptographic failures, injections, and security misconfigurations.


Absolute transparency, as we consider, that integrity towards our partners is the number one priority

use cases

Flexible cooperation models suitable for every business use case


An in-depth consultation from our Project Managers concerning all the aspects of your project


A team of competent and certified developers and testers ensuring the excellent product performance

Single-page web apps

Single-page apps have one significant benefit — they deliver an amazing user experience. It is an ideal choice for a company or freelancer that promotes only one product and additional info about it can be received by making a call or sending a message. SPA doesn't have to be minimalistic and simplified. It is also able to be vivid and to have a lot of functions.

For Example: Teachers, lawyers, designers, companies - everyone who has only few products would benefit from using the SPA instead of distracting a user with numerous web pages.

Multi-page web apps

Multi-page applications would be preferable if you have a large company that offers a wide variety of products. Moreover, you can place as much information on each page as you need without any limits. On the other hand, building single-page applications limitations on the amount of content and features allowed on one page.

For Example: A better choice for large e-commerce stores and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, FlipKart

Microservices App

For microservices,let developers create a web app from a set of small services. Then, developers build and deploy each component separately. To illustrate, a microservice option may be used in common social networking platforms comprising different elements like online chat, notifications, video streaming service, posting photos.

For Example: Netflix, Uber, Spotify, PayPal

Serverless architecture

This Serverless architecture makes developers use a cloud web application infrastructure from third-party service providers. To keep a web application network architecture on the Internet, developers should manage a server infrastructure (virtual or physical), an operating system, and other server-related hosting processes.

For Example: if your app experiences a considerable traffic load your servers aren’t ready for, even the app won’t be down

Progressive web apps

One of the primary trends in web application development in the last few years is progressive web applications. They are web-based application architecture solutions designed to act like native apps on mobile devices. PWAs offer push notifications, offline access, and a capacity to install an app on your device.

For Example: We all know such world-famous companies as Uber, Starbucks, Pinterest, which websites are PWA’s

We create responsive web applications and sites leveraging the most robust web technologies in the industry to help you boost your business.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • MongoDB
  • Heroku
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean
Alpharive offers a full range of web application development services. To be more specific, we start with analyzing and validating a business idea and maintain the solution delivered after its successful launch.

After carefully examining the discovery stage and understanding the project we at Alpharive design attractive and trendy designs that will navigate your targeted audience towards you. We provide a variety of reliable and efficient databases as a part of large-scale projects. We listen to all your ideas to develop a dynamic website that will help your business succeed

Our development stage will be based on the design that will help us to develop and deliver an attractive website, mobile applications, and NFT marketplace to escalate your business. Our developers have immense experience when it comes to development and larger technical decisions. We help your build customized applications that highlight your business.

We run multiple tests at every layer of the development and make sure that there are no bugs involved when the project is ready to be launched.

We will support you through the entire process after the launch of the project and rectify if any errors occur later on after the release of the project.

1How to choose a reliable web application development company?
Experience: We have exceptional experience in working on our client's projects. We promptly resolve all the errors and make a quick decision.
Transparency: We are completely transparent, open, and honest with the projects we deal with our clients. We meet your needs by providing customized services.
Comprehensive service: We aim to care for all your needs, with our developers, testing, and digital marketing team.
Portfolio: We have worked with the best clients in our past projects. Which gave us the opportunity to explore more areas.
2How much does it cost to create a custom web application?

The average cost for creating a custom web application will start as low as $5000 for a simple web app and up to $500,000. We offer our best prices to clients to build their web applications.

3 How long does it take to create a web application?

On average it takes around 2 or 3 months to complete a smaller version of a project and mid-sized projects can take up to 3 or more months while big projects take more than 4 months to complete.

4What is the difference between web application development and website development?
Web application development: The web application that we develop is an interactive page and allows users to add or manipulate data. We follow best security practices.
Eg: Facebook, Amazon
Website development: The website is solely developed for display. The users can only see the information from the website.
Eg: Aktu, Breaking news

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